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What can the Chamber do for You?

Wow, a simple but demanding question; one that has been put before the Chamber and its members for too long a time. This question has been pondered with great concern and attention by the board of directors. The Chamber has rebranded its identity complete with a new website that should answer the question of “what can the chamber do for you”.

In addition to the prestige of membership in the Chamber of Commerce, the website, provides the ability to offer our business members the options of advertising that we have not had to date. Fees for this service are reasonable and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

  1. Featured Business – Fee of $50.00/year
  2. Select Business – Fee of $25.00/year
  3. General Business – No additional charge

These fees are in addition to the annual Business fee of $100.00/yr. All fees are based on a calendar year; January 1 to December 31.

Fees can be prorated (with approval of the board of directors): Fee = x1/12 x m
(X1= annual fee; m= number of months remaining in the year).

Your business is embedded in a list of specific business categories from which visitors may select. If your business category is selected, your business will be displayed ahead of all others in the same category.

Provides your business with immediate exposure via a visual slider on the Chambers home page to everyone who accesses the Chamber website. Visitors then pick your ad and they are connected to your individual website.

This is set up for the businesses who do not want to incur any added advertising expense but want the exposure of being a Chamber of Commerce member.

Become a member of the Chamber


Business   $100.00/Year  
New Business Member $50.00/First Year only
Home Business $50.00/Year
Individual   $25.00/Year
Church   $25.00/Year

Business Advertising Fees 

Featured Business   $50.00/Year  
Select Business   $25.00/Year
General Business   No additional fee

* All dues and fees are based on a calendar year — January 1 to December 31
Note: Advertising fees are in addition to membership dues.

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